ALL  lot/ niche OWNERS, or deed holders to a lot,  are members of the Nemasket Hill Cemetery Association.

All lots are sold with perpetual care. Perpetual care refers to the general upkeep of lots, mowing, trimming shrubs & trees, which will be done by authorized cemetery volunteers.

The name of the PRESENT lot owner or legal representative of lot/niche must be on file with the clerk and historian. The deed may pass into family/descendants hands.  The holder of the deed is the only one who is authorized to decide who may be interred on the lot. So, it is necessary that the cemetery have this information in writing. (Clerical fee may apply)

ALL deed owners are required to provide permanent markers on their lot.

All monuments, markers, etc. must have the approval of the cemetery historian before placement on a lot.

For safety of cemetery volunteers & visitors, GLASS and CERAMIC containers are PROHIBITED and will be removed.

Containers, flower pots, baskets, seasonal or unsecured displays, etc. may be removed by authorized cemetery volunteers.

Existing shrubs, benches, memorabilia, etc. may be removed (by authorized cemetery volunteers) if deemed in the best interest of the cemetery (if infringing abutting lots, safety or if inconvenient to the care and maintenance of lots).

Stone monument repair and cleaning is the responsibility of the lot owner. Stone cleaning is available for a fee. Private contractors for stone cleaning must contact the historian for detailed restrictions PRIOR to cleaning.

Ashes/cremains shall not be spread on cemetery land.