To purchase a burial plot or for more information please call us at 774-281-6633 or email us at

                                                                                                                Price List

Payment plans are available.

Cremains burial ONLY 36″x36″       $450.00 (up to 2 ash or 2 urn burials per space)    ONLY flat marker allowed

Single grave vault lot                               $950.00 (each vault lot accommodates 1 conventional AND 2 cremains interments)

Niche (single 12x6x12)                          $600.00 (includes interment)

Niche (double 12x12x12)                     $1200.00 (includes interment)

                                    Anyone who owns a lot or holds a deed at Nemasket Hill Cemetery is part owner of Nemasket Hill Cemetery.

                                            A lot may be handed down through family. When this occurs, the cemetery MUST be notified.